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Beta peels can help with:

  • - Rough skin texture
  • - Skin discoloration
  • - Mild sun damage
  • - Acne pigmentation
  • - Acne control
  • - Dullness

Beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) are simple organic fruit acids that provide very elegant superficial and gentle skin rejuvenation. Beta peels have an excellent safety profile for all skin types. They have no down time, no prolonged redness or peeling. This peel is a brief procedure done usually in about 5 minutes and there is no pain, only an occasional mild stinging. After the treatment, the skin is soft, smooth and tightened.

Beta peels gently exfoliate dead skin layer leaving behind a healthy youthful glow. They can help rebalance the skin and encourage new skin growth.

Beta peels can be used to gently even skin tones, and improve overall skin complexion. They help fight acne and acne discoloration left from conventional treatments alone. Patients can note a quicker response in reduction of the inflammatory pimples and a faster resolution of brown discoloration. Patients generally report an instant smoothing of the skin.

Ask your dermatologist if this is right for you!