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  Facial & Leg Veins

Facial & Leg Veins Procedures for Whittier and surrounding areas

If you suffer from facial and leg veins we understand how embarrassing this can be. Usually these are small purple vessels often visible on the surface skin of the face, legs, ankles and feet. Our doctors here at Preferred Dermatology can help treat these conditions with proven procedures and techniques.

  1. VBeam Perfecta from Candela
  2. Sclerotherapy

Treatment and Benefits of Facial & Leg Veins Procedures

Our doctors use established techniques to treat common veins on the legs with injections of an agent which can even out the vessels and in turn make them less noticeable. We use non-invasive procedures to treat the veins of the face and legs, to make them become less perceptible.

More then one treatment may be necessary if you have significant facial and leg veins, and it may be necessary to treat the spider veins periodically over time as you may need to have the procedure repeated to maintain your goals. The doctors at Preferred Dermatology are experienced in treating  : 

  • Spider veins of the face and legs
  • Larger hemorrhoid veins
  • Varicoceles
  • And more

Benefits of Facial & Leg Vein Procedures

Once you have undergone your first few spider vein treatments, you can expect to see complete results. These procedures do not require long recovery periods and several don’t need any real healing time. The procedures take about half an hour and although you may experience some discomfort, this will quickly pass. After your treatment our experienced doctors will instruct you on how to care for your face or legs in order for you to take full advantage of your treatments.

For more information about facial and leg vein procedures available at Preferred Dermatology, call and make an appointment today.


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