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  Facial Chemical Peels

Facial Chemical Peels for Whittier and surrounding areas

The word chemical peel may not sound pleasant but it is actually a very rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Our skilled doctors here at Preferred Dermatology, can apply the ideal facial chemical peel to treat your specific goals. If you need to smooth out fine lines, treat acne, reduce large pores, uneven color of the skin and bags under the eyes then a chemical peel can help you.  

Advantages to a Facial Chemical Peel

Many of the chemicals used in facial peels are actually components found in nature. Preferred Dermatology uses many natural chemicals to treat the skin of the face and neck.  Most facial chemical peels take less then 20 minutes, but the results are transforming. Our patients can have full results after a few treatments and the improvements are long lasting and in some cases, permanent.

We proudly offer the following

Our caring doctors at Preferred Dermatology can use facial chemical peels to help treat the following areas : 

  • Acne Scars and Treatment
  • Age Spots
  • Brown Spot Treatment
  • Large Pore Reduction
  • Smooth Fine Wrinkles and Lines
  • Reduce Bags Under the Eyes
  • Treat Uneven Skin Pigmentations


What to Expect After Your Facial Chemical Peel

After you have undergone your chemical peel, our experienced doctors will apply a specific ointment to keep your skin protected while it heals. You will be given specific instructions on what you can and can not use for moisturizing. Depending on the type of facial chemical peel you have, you may only experience some redness and slight peeling. But if you undergo a deeper more rejuvenating facial chemical peel, you may have a longer recover period. Our practiced doctors will inform you on what exactly to expect from your personalized facial chemical peel.  

Preferred Dermatology offers the best facial chemical peels close to home and in a modern and comfortable, medical setting. Contact us and make your rejuvenating appointment today.  


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