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  Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery for Whittier and surrounding areas

Eyelid surgery is one of our most successful cosmetic procedures. Preferred Dermatology’s trained doctors perform the eyelid surgery  to remove excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids, including treating the bags under the eyes.

Benefits of Having Eyelid Surgery

Our trained doctors understand that as we age, excess skin can form around the eye area, and that this extra skin can loses the elasticity over time. Fatty tissue can sometimes accumulate under the skin resulting in bags under the eyes. Your eyes will "look older" because these aging processes leave the eyes appearing tired, wrinkled or puffy. Our trained doctors can treat your eyes with individually personalized eyelid surgery.

Many of our patients tell us that after they have undergone their eyelid surgery, there confidence has gone up, and that the tighter eyelids have made them appear more focused, alert and happier. Some of the key benefits and areas that can be treated with eyelid surgery are : 

  • Removal and treatment of bags under the eyes
  • Smooth crow’s feet
  • Tighten skin above the eyes
  • Treat puffiness in the upper eyelids

Once you have undergone your eyelid surgery, you can expect full results in about 10 days, with complete healing soon after. If your eyelids obscure your vision, your health provider may be able to cover the cost of your procedure.

Learn more about how a personalized eyelid surgery can benefit you by talking to one of our skilled doctors at Preferred Dermatology.

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